Privacy Policy

I only handle information you provide me with that is essential to enable me to complete your purchases for the jewellery I make, or if you provide me with an email address so you can receive any email newsletters I send out. The only companies with any access to your information are the companies that help handle these processes, who are all GDPR compliant and their details will be listed below. I will never pass you details to any other third party. You will not receive any solicited promotional contact from me, the only way I send out promotional information is via the newsletter if you choose to sign up for it.

Online purchases and contact

If you buy via my website, you data will be passed through the following secure providers: – host the website – process card payments – process your payment if you choose to pay by PayPal.

At no time to I have any access to your debit or credit card details, I only see your name, billing address, postal address (if different), phone number and email address.

Emails are processed through a Microsoft Office account and are provided by

Should you contact me via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter these communications are covered by their security policies and any personal details exchanged in these communications, e.g. phone numbers, addresses, get deleted once the transaction has been made.

The above also applies to any purchases on my Etsy shop which are covered by Etsy’s security policies. Again, any message conversation containing personal information will be removed on completion of the transaction.

I do not keep my own database of customer’s addresses etc, that information is stored on or

Email Newsletters are processed through Mailchimp’s secure system and you will only receive the newsletter if you actively choose to subscribe to it. You can unsubscribe at any time and no record will be kept.

Any work relating to The Silvery is done on my password-protected computer that lives in my office which is locked when I am not there. I do try to keep my office as ‘paper-free’ as possible and no customer information is ever printed out and kept as a hard copy. If on occasion I do need to keep some personal information, for example while a commission is being completed, I use the secure online storage system of Dropbox the only information that might be kept here is name, address, phone number and email address, no information like bank details is ever retained in any format.

Telephone contact and orders

My phone is on the Tesco mobile network. All message are destroyed after listening and phone calls are not recorded. Any text messages containing personal data are deleted after successful completion of your order.

If you place an order over the phone no record of your personal details are kept after your order has been safely received. Card details are not held and are put straight into the card machine. My copy of the card receipt does not contain your card number and these are destroyed at the end of the tax year. My card processing service is provided by and the card machine itself is provided by