Silvery Ethics


Working as I do with items from nature I feel it is important to spell out a few things so you can rest assured when you buy my work that no harm has been done to any living creatures or the environment.

Many years ago before I owned the business and we didn’t know what we do today about such things, the previous owners bought a large amount of shells from suppliers within the gift industry. As these were bought in some bulk there are a number of these that I am still working my way through, however I committed some time ago to not buy any more shells that are from the gift industry or from the food chain. All shells obtained now are either found objects washed up on the local beach or found in charity shops and flea markets and so therefore purchasing them does not in any way fund the gift trade of such things.

I am lucky enough to live near some terrific beaches, particularly gorgeous Glyne Gap, which provide a rich source of washed up mussel, cockle, clam, welk and some shells from the conch and vibex families and only those ‘empties’ that I pick up myself and those passed on to me by trusted friends and family members who support my policy will be used from here on.

All feathers are found on the ground, and never come as a bi-product of food or hunting.

I do all I can to recycle all materials that can be recycled and minimise the use of plastics in packaging. I will continue to work towards being plastic free as quickly as possible, the final area to address is the packaging used to post out orders as currently some plastic is used in this to ensure the gift box and jewellery within arrive dry and undamaged.

Electroplating does involve the use of a certain amount of chemicals. These are always contained within the plating baths and rinsing baths and do not come into any contact with the water supply. When the time comes to renew the chemicals or rinse bath water I use a fully licensed specialist company to dispose of these safely for me to ensure no environmental damage occurs as a result.

If you have any questions or suggestions of how I can improve on running things in an ethically sound way please do get in touch!