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Shark's teeth, rabbit skulls, lace and keys are among just some of the things I have been commissioned to plate. If you have a special item that you would like turned into a bespoke piece of jewellery, please call me on +44 (0) 1273 472570 or email to discuss it.

I may be able to advise you during an initial telephone consultation as to whether an item is likely to be suitable, but usually I like to see it before making a decision. I can give you an approximate quote over the phone but will give you a final quote on receipt of the item. 

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Please note: plating is a complex process and I cannot give a 100% guarantee that your item will be successful. I do have an excellent success rate but I am aware that when I am doing personal commissions I am dealing with people's treasured keepsakes and memories. Therefore I want to be sure that you understand that whilst I do everything I can to make sure your item is successfully plated, it is possible for unanticipated complications to arise that may affect the process. If I have any serious doubts as to the feasibility of an item I will always decline the commission.